Our very best value package - we guarantee you'll not find a better deal.

Includes all Club and Executive Features, plus:

Executive Feature

As an Executive Member receive an unrivalled accounting service from our most quality assured provider to include:-

• Preparation of VAT Returns, tax return, end of year accounts and self-assessment forms.

• Unlimited financial consultation with an accountant.

• Invoicing if required. Provision of payroll services if company has more than one employee.

• Production of share certificates.

• Filing of company's annual return if a limited company.

Executive Feature

Provision of Employed PAYE payroll service, taking care of all tax and NI contributions.

Executive Feature
Enhanced discount on pension set up

Get a superior rate of discount when you set up a pension using a KnowNetwork approved partner.

Executive Feature
Directors & Officers Insurance

£250k of cover for Directors and Officers

Executive Feature
Contents insurance

£5k general contents + £1K of cover for portable equipment.

Executive Feature
Additional cost of working Insurance

£2.5k to cover any additional cost of working in the case of a claim.

Executive Feature
Personal Concierge

As an Executive Member you'll receive a fully personalised Concierge service.

Executive Feature
Referral Rewards Extensions

Receive payment on contract extensions as well as an additional 50% to the standard rate of Referral payment as an Executive Member.

Executive Feature
Discounted VIP Airport Lounge Access

Get discounted Airport Lounge Access with your Executive Membership - taking the hassle out of the journey for frequent flyers.

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